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Pinch & Lil Skies Venture Into Their "Nightmares" In Collab Single

Lil Skies and Pinch collide in the new single.

For a while, Yung Pinch was releasing a new song every week. The approach made him into one of the more popular young artists from California. With his surfer swag and a gift for melody, Pinch appears to have dropped his prefix to move forward with a singular syllable as his moniker. Yesterday, we received some new music from rising talent Lil Skies and today, he features again on Pinch's new single "Nightmares."

This is the first release of the year for the Huntington Beach rapper, marking the beginning of what should be a packed campaign for Pinch. The beach boy has collaborated with Skies in the past, dropping off "I Know You" last year to much praise. This is one of the better efforts we've heard from Pinch as he appears to be upping his game in the new year. How do you feel about the new track?

Quotable Lyrics:

I never post what I do I really live what I'm rapping She gon' tell you to wait For me it's lights, camera, action I hop right off the plane I stash my racks in the mattress I came in through the back and I still leave with my backend

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