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Yung Bans & Lil Skies Get Bubbly On "Waterslide"

Yung Bans & Lil Skies slide through with a breezy drop.

Yung Bans is here for the fun. Today, the rapper has come through with a string of new tracks, including a collaboration with Lil Skies called "Waterslide." Taking to a gentle, borderline docile steel drum loop, Bans makes sure to represent for himself accordingly. "30 on my glock, it'll blow your face off," raps Bans, his lullaby-flow juxtaposing with the sinister lyrics. "Siamese twins, suck the dick, have a taste off," he proposes, with a casual air of "why not."  

Skies sets it off with the opening verse, riding the instrumental with a focused delivery. Letting his emo-tinged vocals resonate, the rapper's brief verse concludes before he can overstay his welcome. Bans himself picks up the slack with a closing verse, bopping along with a singsong reflection of his come-up. "I apologize for always being a bad kid," he reflects, before boldly boasting about the aforementioned face-melting glock. By this point, an intricate guitar arpeggio adds a welcome sense of lushness to the instrumental. Peep this one now.

Quotable Lyrics

Mama workin day and night to spend her last cent I apologize for always being a bad kid Ride around with that ratchet, stretch a n***a elastic

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